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January 30, 2013

Get it done January + goals for February

Mijn doel voor januari heb ik ruimschoots gehaald (met een beetje doorwerken).
Well, I completed my list for January. 
Allereerst heb ik Freeze Frame gequilt.
First I quilted Freeze frame.
freeze frame done 001
Vervolgens heb ik een (eenvoudig) hoesje gemaakt voor mijn  Kindle. Het patroon komt van Moda Bakeshop, maar ik heb het wat eenvoudiger gemaakt. 

I made a (simple) cover for my Kindle. Found the pattern at Moda Bakeshop, but simplyfied it a bit.

En ik heb de resterende 20 blokken gemaakt voor Holy Toledo, zodat ik nu alle 80 blokken klaar heb:

I also made 20 blocks for Holy Toledo. Now I have the 80 blocks I need: 80 blocksblocks done
Alle 16 A-blokken voor Easy Street zijn ook klaar:
All 16 A-blocks for Easy Street are done too. Now I can think about a layout.
Mijn doel voor februari:
  • Easy street: alle blokken tot een top maken
  • HST units voor border Holy Toledo: 36 units
    (x 8 = 288 HST)
  • naaimachine hoes (wil ik al een tijd maken maar het kwam er maar niet van)
  • blokken voor 3x6 bee (blokkenruil)

My goals for February:
  • Get Easy Street quilt to the flimsy stage
  • HST border units for Holy Toledo: 36 units (x8 = 288 HST)
  • sewing machine cover. This has been on my list for a long time, but I never got one made
  • blocks for block swap (3x6 bee) 


  1. All your projects are great! Love the Kindle cover. I need to make one, too.

  2. Nice Kindle cover. I made one for mine when I first got it and it's lasted really well. When my kids got their Kindles the first thing they asked for was a cover. Freeze Frame is so vibrant and happy. Love it!

  3. Your Holy Toledo quilt is going on my list - it is such a great scrappy quilt. You are doing great with your goals. Thanks for sharing and the english translations

  4. That Holy Toledo quilt is beautiful! And fun to say too LOL. I haven't heard that phrase in probably 25 years. All your projects are very nice. Good luck with your Feb goals.

  5. Your quilt blocks for Easy Street and Holy Toledo are amazing. You did well on your January goals. Keep up the good work in February. I like your Kindle cover too. I need to make one for my Kindle, but I don't have any spare time to read these days.

  6. Four for four, congrats! I've been meaning to make a sewing machine cover for years myself :)

  7. Wow! wonderful that you met your goals! The Holy Toledo is going to be awesome!

  8. Congratulations on meeting your goals! I love the Holy Toledo quilt, and your finished one looks great.